Greg Colker, Digital Marketing in Naples, FL

Hello, I’m Greg

I enjoy living in beautiful Naples, Florida with my wife and daughter. Together, my wife and I run In Media Res where we help people leverage the power of the web to grow their businesses, or non-profits.

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About this site

This is my personal home on the web, as such you can expect to see things related to whatever happens to interest me. Topics may include: Catholicism, parenting, marketing, Apple, business, cooking, baking, technology, photography, Latin, reviews of places or products I enjoy, and perhaps other things too. I make no promises.

Technical Details

If you’re like me, then at least 80% of the reason you clicked on this page was to see if I shared the technical details of this site. So, here I will do unto others as I would have them do unto me and share what makes this site tick:

Looking for more?

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