These Are Google Exec Eric Schmidt’s 9 Rules of Email

This is certainly not how I handle email, but I thought this was a very interesting “hack”. I wonder why he hasn’t had the gmail team address this in a better way yet.

If you get something you think you may want to recall later, forward it to yourself along with a few keywords that describe its content.

Rupert Murdoch’s private Las Vegas meetings feature Snapchat’s Spiegel and Apple’s Cue

Seems like a great opportunity for Cue to make a case for encryption to people who help shape the debate.

The event, described by past participants, is for an internal audience of Murdoch’s News Corp. and 21st Century Fox lieutenants.

Lawmaker vows to stop ‘Confederate cleansing’ and ‘cultural terrorism’ in Georgia

Lots of nonsense all around in this article, but the idea that Lee, Jackson, or Davis – the actual men memorialized in Stone Mountain – in any way would condone murder, especially in a church, is only possible if you know absolutely nothing about the actual men.

Confederate symbols and monuments like Stone Mountain, which depicts Lee, Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson and Jefferson Davis, became the subject of intense debate last year, following the slaying of nine black parishioners by a white man at Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, S.C.

Peak Curtains

This will be interesting.

We will be increasingly building a circular IKEA where you can repair and recycle products

The Surprising New Normal in the Abortion Debate


Each year about this time breathless headlines announce that the “pro-life” or “pro-choice” label is preferred by a narrow majority of Americans, yet it remains a more or less 50–50 proposition. In other words, the message is that America remains “a house divided” unable or unwilling to change the status quo.

But this narrative hides the reality that the decades-long debate over abortion actually has achieved a solid consensus.

Tim Cook, Swift, and the return of blogs

A good reminder.

There’s no single correct way to blog, though. Blogs are forgiving. If you’ve neglected your blog for a while, you don’t owe anyone an apology. Just hit command-N in your favorite text editor and start writing.