Satanic Group Playing with Fire →

Father James Martin, Societas Iesu:

It’s hard to discern which motivation is stronger in the group: the desire to push back on religious groups who, they apparently feel, have a monopoly on “religious freedom” in the public square, or the desire to troll and stir up trouble. One of my Jesuit friends said that these people are like a “Comment Box come to life,” that is, the worst of snotty comments on religion enacted in real life.

I think this is a very astute comparison. Combox trolls act as if the internet isn’t the “real world” and say things that most would never say face-to-face to another person. In the same way, I suspect that these alleged Satanists do not consider metaphysics to be part of the “real world”.

Of course, Father Martin may be wrong. Perhaps they aren’t playing with fire, but rather setting it deliberately.